"All my hopes and expectations:
Looking for an explanation.
Have I found my destination?"

Saturday, 10 September 2011

It’s been a while...

I won’t start making excuse as the list would be as long as my arm. So instead I’ll list a few things that stand out in my memory from the last six months. No particular order: just when they come to me.

July 3rd I was baptised. I can’t even begin to describe how I feel about that. It was the culmination of 6 months’ worth of discovery and the climax of many weeks of pent up anxiety Right up until the last minute I was terrified that it was all just a big mistake; that there’s no way God really wanted me. The nerves all melted as soon as I stood up to give testimony though and the day was absolutely amazing.

Sophie turned 5. My little girl is so grown up. There are times when she is a complete teenager: screaming at me and slamming her bedroom door in my face – but I love that girl to bits. I don’t always feel like the best mother in the world (far from it!) but every day I am so thankful that I have her, as she has the ability to bring out the very best in me. I am so proud of the person she is becoming and can’t wait for each new development in her life.

Went to Greenbelt with some brilliant friends. Bit of a wobble the first night as even in my panic nightmares a couple of nights prior to the trip I hadn’t fully appreciated the effect my claustrophobia would have when I was faced with the prospect of sleeping in a tent. All was dealt with though and the weekend was fantastic. Can’t wait to go back again next year. I loved being outside, the ‘safeness’ I felt by knowing I had such good friends right there, the whole atmosphere of the place was incredible.

My birthday. If anyone had said to me last year that I would go to three different Churches on my birthday, out of choice, and have a great day; I would have laughed. But that’s what happened. Having it fall on Good Friday meant that my birthday this year was rather busy. The evening itself was rather tame: couple of good friends at the snooker club – but getting older isn’t all that bad really :)

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