"All my hopes and expectations:
Looking for an explanation.
Have I found my destination?"

Friday, 25 February 2011

Noisy Frogs

Becca made me do it.

Ok, so ‘made’ is probably a bit of an exaggeration; but I’m not sure I want to incur her wrath if she gets back at the end of half term and I haven’t started this. I bruise like a peach and she can hit hard!

Anyway, this is supposed to be a positive, life affirming blog wherein I can record things that make me happy, events that excite me, generally joyful thoughts. Best get started then…

Speaking of life affirming: my back garden is full of the noise of frog mating calls. My pond is a local breeding ground and it’s that time of year again! The kids love seeing all the hundreds (literally: counted over 200 last year before giving up – it’s only a tiny pond!) of frogs crawling over each other in an attempt to … well … the kids aren’t asking too many questions on that front yet. The frogs are all just so happy to see each other! Anyway, frog-mating is a sign that spring is really coming. That and the fact that I hung washing outside again today. Fresh, line-dried sheets on the bed tonight: bliss….

Yesterday I took the kids down to London for the day to visit a friend. This meant travelling on the underground… I get claustrophobic; not too badly but enough that I was rather dreading that part of the day. Having the kids with me though, I saw the whole tube-journey experience through new eyes. I’m not saying I enjoyed it, but the excitement on James’ face and the mix of fear and thrill on Sophie’s; definitely took my mind off my own apprehension. Travelling with kids in London is stressful, but a lot of fun at the same time.

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