"All my hopes and expectations:
Looking for an explanation.
Have I found my destination?"

Sunday, 6 March 2011

Lost dog...

Skipped yesterday as I felt crap and went to bed early. Don’t know why I bothered though.

James spent his first night away from home last night (stayed at Grandma’s). Apart from being cross that I wasn’t there to cuddle him when he woke up at 4am he was fine. I got loads and loads of extra squeezy cuddles today: think maybe he missed me a bit J

Took the kids to the park this afternoon. Didn’t stay for long as James needed a poo (brilliant timing – such a man!) but in the time we were there Sophie managed to ‘lose’ her new dog. She’s adamant he was in the seat on the back of her bike when we got there (I’m pretty sure she’s right) but he was gone when she got back on her bike to leave. Very proud of Sophie though: instead of dissolving into tears when she realised her newest toy had gone she managed to reason that if anyone thought he was special enough that they wanted to take him, he’d be really well looked after now. She’s getting so grown up!

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